A Day in Life of Crypto Market Maker

A day in life of crypto market maker is a strategic mix of strategy, analysis, and teamwork. From early morning market checks to late-night trading wrap-ups, these professionals manage a 24/7 market with agility and precision. Their day involves crafting strategies, tweaking algorithms, and balancing intense focus with much-needed relaxation, all while navigating the ever-evolving world of decentralized finance. Prepare for an exhilarating sneak into this fascinating role!

A day in life of crypto market maker
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A crypto market maker ensures liquidity in the cryptocurrency market by continuously buying and selling cryptocurrencies, helping stabilize prices and facilitate trading.

Due to the 24/7 nature of the crypto market, global collaboration allows market makers to operate continuously, aligning strategies and responding to market changes in real-time.

Crypto market makers manage stress by maintaining a balanced routine, integrating breaks, and dedicating time for personal activities to ensure peak mental and physical well-being.


Key Takeaways - A Day in Life of Crypto Market Maker:

  • Crypto market makers start their day early, analyzing global market trends to strategize their trading approach.

  • Collaboration is crucial, involving synchronized work across global time zones to align strategies and insights.

  • Afternoon hours are dedicated to refining and adjusting trading algorithms based on real-time market data.

  • Market makers balance intense work schedules with personal downtime to maintain focus and effectiveness.

  • Dedication and a deep understanding of market dynamics are essential for success in crypto market making.

What is it Really Like to Work in Crypto Market Making?

Match-making. This is the daily grind for a crypto market maker. In the world of decentralized finance (DeFi) and crypto exchanges, every day unfolds like a high-stakes game where precision, strategic insight, and quick reflexes dominate. The market is as vibrant at 2:00 AM as it is at noon, compelling market makers to maintain a keen eye on the ever-changing digital landscape. This is why a day in life of crypto market maker is very eventful and sometimes unpredictable, yet there is a possibility of certain job routines.

Early Morning Routine: Checking Markets and Planning the Day

The alarm rings at 5:35 AM. As the rest of the world lingers in slumber, the market maker begins the day. The first task? Scanning the global cryptocurrency markets. The markets are relentless, buzzing with activity from the night before due to their decentralized, sleepless nature. This early morning ritual involves assessing market fluctuations and positioning for the day ahead. Around 6:00, after sifting through piles of data, the day’s strategy begins to take shape, informed by overnight trends and predictive analytics.

Collaboration Across Time Zones: A Global Team's Morning Sync

By around 7:30, it’s time to synchronize with the team. Crypto market making is a global affair, necessitating seamless collaboration across different continents and time zones. Morning in New York is evening in Tokyo, and midday in London—all pivotal markets in crypto trading. This coordination is achieved through a blend of emails, instant messaging via Signal app, and strategic video calls, ensuring that insights and strategies are effectively shared and that the global team (if existing) is aligned and ready for action.

Life of crypto market maker with different time zones

Mid-Morning Deep Dive: Strategy Review and Algorithm Adjustments

Around 10:00, the focus shifts to a deep review of trading algorithms. This is the time to dive into the core of market making—strategy optimization. Market makers meticulously adjust their algorithms based on the morning’s analysis and emerging trends. At Orcabay, this isn’t just about minor adjustments; it’s about leveraging in-depth analytics to refine and perfect custom strategies that dynamically adapt to market conditions and client needs at once.

Lunchtime: A Quick Break Amidst Market Movements

Come 12:00, even the typical day in life of the most dedicated crypto market maker must pause for a good tasty lunch. Lunch is unfortunately often brief—a quick bite, sometimes at the desk, with an eye always on the market’s pulse. This break is a crucial time to recharge, even if it’s just a few minutes to step away from the screens and clear the mind, ready to tackle the afternoon’s challenges. On a good day there are also proper lunchtimes with colleagues and ”slow-food” where one actually has the time to chew the food haha.

Afternoon Analysis: Refining Trading Algorithms and Strategies

The afternoon is critical for strategy refinement. This period involves further testing and tweaking of trading algorithms, informed by the day’s earlier and in-time data and broader market movements. Here, the Orcabay team’s expertise in developing bespoke trading solutions comes into play, enhancing the approach based on continuous market monitoring and algorithmic performance. The strive for continuous improvement of the in-house made bots, that are already optimized for profits and protection of assets is the extra step forward that not all are prepared to take or make.

Evening Wrap-Up: Final Trades and Preparing for the Next Day

As the day begins to wind down around 6:00, market makers start preparing for the closure of their trading day. This involves finalizing trades, analyzing the day’s outcomes, and setting up strategies for the following day. Orcabay prides itself on a thorough end-of-day process that adheres strictly to EU regulations, ensuring all activities are documented and transparent, which not only helps in maintaining compliance but also in building client trust.

Balancing Work and Life: Evening Activities and Downtime

After the last planned work of the day is done, it’s crucial for a market maker to disconnect and rejuvenate. By around 7:30, it’s time for personal activities—perhaps a run to clear the mind, a casual dinner with family, or some quiet time with a favorite book. These evening rituals are essential, helping to balance the high-octane nature of crypto trading with personal well-being and family life.

Market maker work life balance

Does Crypto Market Making as a Job Need Dedication?

Does a day in life of crypto market maker need dedication? In short, Yes. In long, to excel as a crypto market maker, a profound level of dedication is indeed non-negotiable! This job requires a high degree of focus and perseverance because the crypto market is exceptionally volatile and demands constant attention. Every day presents new challenges and opportunities for innovation. The team at Orcabay not only rises to these challenges but does so with eager that’s driven by their deep commitment to their and their clients’ success. Their day might start at the crack of dawn and extend well beyond the typical 9-to-5, but it’s this relentless pursuit of excellence that defines their role in the crypto world.

Why We Love to Work as Crypto Market Makers

The passion for crypto market making isn’t just about the excitement of participating in a cutting-edge financial market. It’s also about the satisfaction derived from mastering such a complex, dynamic environment. For the team at Orcabay, it’s the intellectual challenge—the chess game of moving parts and fluctuating conditions—that keeps us hooked. There’s a certain pride in being able to predict market movements, design robust trading strategies, and see them come to life, providing tangible benefits to clients. Moreover, working in a field where each day is different from the last keeps the workday fresh and interesting.

Crypto market maker


The daily life of a crypto market maker at Orcabay is an exciting loop of analysis, strategy, and adjustment. From the early hours of the morning to the late hours of the evening, market makers dedicate themselves to not just participating in the market but actively shaping its movements. With a strong focus on client-specific strategies, regulatory compliance, and transparent communication, Orcabay ensures that the team is not just market makers, but market leaders. Whether it’s the thrill of the trade, the joy of problem-solving, or the drive to innovate, life as a crypto market maker is as rewarding as it is challenging.


Jakob Brezigar

Jakob, an experienced specialist in the field of cryptocurrency market making, boasts an extensive international presence. With Orcabay, he has skillfully managed major operations and deals for a wide array of global stakeholders.​

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