Market making for exchanges

Market making

Why choose a
market maker?

If you are an exchange, a market maker can help you with stabilizing the market - making it more attractive for traders, which gains a bigger market share. A market maker provides deep liquidity and helps exchanges reduce volatility.

FAQ for exchanges:

A market maker is essential for a liquid market. By consistently posting bid and ask orders in an exchange’s order book, market makers enable participants to buy or sell assets whenever they want. By reducing slippage we attract larger investors and by eliminating arbitrage opportunities we encourage participants to stay at your exchange.
To begin, you will need to provide the inventory of assets in your desired exchange accounts. Additionally, we will require an API key with trading permissions only, ensuring you retain full control over your assets and accounts.
Market making can be profitable depending on the exchange’s trading volume and priorities. By setting a wider bid-ask spread, it is possible to generate consistent profits. Alternatively, prioritizing a narrow bid-ask spread can provide the best trading experience for users.

Become the market leader

crypto market makers
market making for exchanges

At Orcabay we help centralized crypto exchanges (CEXs) gain market dominance.

Market making for exchanges, offered by Orcabay, plays a vital role in attracting new traders and projects to both leading and emerging centralized crypto exchanges. By ensuring liquidity and stable trading environments, we enable competitive pricing and better execution, drawing more traders and investors to the platform.

Orcabay takes pride in delivering top-of-the-class market making for exchanges, powered by our cutting-edge algorithmic trading system. Leveraging advanced technology, we supply high-quality liquidity to centralized crypto exchanges, improving trading conditions and attracting more traders to the platform.

Why market making for exchanges?

Benefits of market making

Market making as a service

Market making for exchanges is a crucial service Orcabay provides, ensuring continuous liquidity by consistently posting buy and sell orders in the order book. Our expertise helps reduce crypto asset price volatility, making exchanges more attractive to traders and investors.


Customize spreads, levels, amounts

Improved order book liquidity

Eliminate price differences

24/7 monitoring and alerting

99% uptime

Unlimited number of trading pairs

Non-custodial, keep full control over your assets

Transparent reporting and live dashboard

Technical support


What we provide

Market making as a service

Orcabay provides and operates a fully automated trading system specifically designed for crypto exchanges that need to boost their volume. Access our low-latency liquidity solution and receive guidance at every stage of your exchange’s expansion.

Liquidity analytics

  • Live dashboard that enables you to monitor our trading 24/7
  • 20+ different metrics that allow you to monitor performance
  • Weekly or monthly trading reports
  • Advice on exchange liquidity based on the report review

Smart token liquidation

  • Liquidation of delisted cryptocurrencies and exchange tokens
  • Execute large trades without adverse effects on price
  • Advanced execution algorithms TWAP, VWAP, PVOL
  • You have full control over your assets and accounts
  • Full overview of the execution process with a detailed report

Treasury management

  • Diversification for investors to reduce the need of betting on winners
  • Market cap weighted or equal weighted porftolio (top or broad based index)
  • You have full control over your assets and accounts
  • Full overview of the portfolio allocation and performance
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Why Orcabay?

Orcabay provides market making for crypto exchanges to help them maximize liquidity by providing full service for market-making, volume building, inventory funds rebalancing, hedging, and technical support.

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