Market making for token issuers

Market making

Why choose a
market maker?

Market making for token issuers not only helps you get listed on different exchanges but also provides liquidity to the order books and boosts trading volume. This service effectively eliminates arbitrage opportunities while generating profits along the way.

FAQ for token issuers:

Market making is a trading strategy that involves placing buy and sell orders to create liquidity in a market.
Having a market maker can help a token project get listed on an exchange, as exchanges want to avoid having a “dead token” with no trading activity.
  1. Open an account on the exchange
  2. Provide the inventory of assets on the account
  3. Provide the account API key with trading permissions

We operate on over 30 different cryptocurrency exchanges. If you are listed on another exchange, we can integrate them quickly and we will not charge additional fees.

We see market making as an optimisation process of two metrics: tight spread and profit. The reality is that you cannot achieve both at the same time. You cannot have a tight spread and have a profit, or you cannot have a profit without having a really wide spread. If we set the bid-ask spread wider we can make a small profit or we can prioritize narrow bid-ask spread for best user trading experience. 

Market making for token issuers is a specialized service that provides liquidity and trading support for newly issued digital assets. It ensures price stability and promotes investor confidence, essential for the growth and success of any crypto project.


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Orcabay is the partner you can trust to help you navigate the crypto market.

With years of experience, Orcabay has become an expert in market making for token issuers, specializing in listing tokens on both decentralized exchanges (DEX) and centralized exchanges (CEX). No matter what type of exchange you are looking to list your token on, Orcabay has the skills and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

In addition to our market making for token issuers services on centralized exchanges, we also offer assistance for listing tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX). And the good news is, we offer FREE listing on Uniswap – one of the most popular DEX platforms in the industry. So, whether you’re looking to list on a centralized exchange or a DEX, Orcabay is here to help you achieve your goals.
Why market making for token issuers?

Without vs. with market maker

With customizable spreads, levels, and amounts, our market making for token issuers service helps you eliminate price differences, protect your profits, and improve your order book’s liquidity. And the best part? You’ll have complete control of your tokens with non-custodial service and transparent reporting. With unlimited trading pairs and technical support, market making for token issuers as a service is the go-to for every crypto project.

Market making for token issuers

What we provide

Market making as a service

Orcabay provides and operates a fully automated trading system specifically designed for newly listed tokens in price discovery mode. Access our low-latency liquidity solution and connect to more than 30 exchanges. Receive guidance at every stage of your token project’s lifecycle.

DEX market making

Our algorithms manage concentrated liquidity on decentralized exchanges 24/7. We concentrate liquidity within custom price ranges to ensure greater amounts of liquidity at specific prices. This strategy reduces slippage and arbitrage opportunities, minimizes tokens at risk and improves the overall user experience.

CEX token listing

We offer valuable insight on how to present your project. By listing your token on a centralized exchange, you signal to the community that your project is serious and gain wider audience for your project.

Liquidity analytics

Each client gets access to live dashboard where 20+ different token performance metrics are visualized. We also provide detailed monthly or weekly trading reports. Based on the live dashboard and trading reports, we can provide advice on what is best for your token liquidity.

Smart token liquidation

By using advanced execution algorithms TWAP, VWAP, PVOL, you can execute large trades without adverse effects on price. With separately managed account you have full control over your assets. Additionally, you will have a full overview of the execution process, including a detailed report.

Treasury management

Investors who prefer diversification understand the unpredictability of identifying winners. By choosing a market cap weighted or equal weighted index, whether it is a top index or a broad-based index, investors can mitigate this risk. With a separately managed account, you will have full control over your assets, as well as a comprehensive overview of your portfolio’s allocation and performance.
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Why Orcabay?

Oracabay is an experienced market maker, dedicated to providing liquidity and facilitating trading activity for various cryptocurrencies.

Our market-making solution allows for fully customizable bid-ask spreads, order levels, order amounts, and inventory management to meet the needs of token issuers. 

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