About us

About Orcabay

Orcabay's core philosophy revolves around the power of scientific methodology, data analysis, and continuous iteration to achieve success in the dynamic crypto market landscape.

At Orcabay, our mission is to promote transparency and trust in the crypto market by offering fully-customizable trading solutions tailored to clients’ unique liquidity requirements. Specializing in market making, arbitrage, and derivatives spread trading, our proprietary algorithms operate 24/7, ensuring optimal performance.

Our story

Who are we?

Starting in 2018, we have been actively developing and deploying high-frequency trading algorithms and order & execution management systems for the crypto industry, utilizing our deep domain expertise to drive optimal results.
For  token issuers , we provide DEX and CEX token listing services, including the option to list on Uniswap for free, as well as market making as a service, treasury management, token liquidation, and liquidity analytics. We give you access to our extensive partnership network.
For exchanges, we offer market making as a service, as well as liquidity analytics through our live dashboard, treasury management with an index rebalancing strategy, liquidation of exchange tokens and liquidation of delisted cryptocurrencies. We advise exchanges with liquidity to gain bigger market share. 
Meet us

Meet our team

Our knowledge and experience together with our cutting-edge algorithms and unwavering commitment to excellence, makes us confident in our ability to provide the highest quality trading solutions to our clients. Whether you are looking to optimize your liquidity, execute complex trades, or simply stay ahead of the competition, we have the expertise and resources you need to achieve your goals.



Jakob Brezigar

Director & Co-founder

Peter Opara

Director & Co-founder

Domen Kržišnik

CTO & Co-founder

Orcabay team

Jernej Praprotnik

Business Development Manager

Rok Jelovšek

Software Engineer

Simon Brus

Software Engineer

Lev Sementsov

Software Engineer
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