Top Crypto Market Makers in 2024 - Complete List

Trying to win over the crypto market without a top crypto market maker is like trying to swim in the open sea without a life jacket; possible, but why make it so hard? For those diving into the digital currency waters, the right support is crucial. Leading the pack are 1.Orcabay, 2.Empirica, 3.Cumberland, 4.Acheron Trading, 5.Altonomy, 6.Bluesky Capital, 7.Virtu Financial Inc., 8.Jump Trading, 9.GSR, and 10.Wintermute, ensuring your crypto journey is less of a solo swim and more of a guided cruise.

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A crypto market maker, or liquidity provider, consistently supplies the market with buy and sell orders. Their primary role is to ensure that traders can execute their trades seamlessly at competitive prices. By doing so, they bridge the gap between supply and demand, enabling smoother transactions and promoting market stability.

Top market makers maintain their reputation by ensuring regulatory compliance, offering a diverse range of assets, utilizing advanced technological infrastructures, and maintaining transparent fee structures. Trustworthiness and reliability are gauged through historical data, reviews, and industry testimonials.

Some market makers prioritize major cryptocurrencies because they come with higher liquidity and established market presence, reducing the risk associated with price volatility. Catering to lesser-known or emerging tokens might introduce more volatility and unpredictability in their operations, which can be a strategic choice based on their risk assessment.

Top 10 Crypto Market Makers List 2024

Top Crypto Market Makers 2024 - Detailed:


  • Trailblazing Excellence:

    Orcabay isn’t just another name in the crypto domain. They’ve distinguished themselves as pioneers, setting standards that many aspire to reach.

    Their ability to stay ahead of the curve and constantly innovate has cemented their position at the forefront.

  • Cutting-edge Technologies:

    Orcabay’s dedication to technological advancement is evident in their offerings.

    They harness the latest in blockchain and AI to provide solutions that are not just efficient but also future-proof.

    These technologies, married with their understanding of the various market conditions, enable them to anticipate trends and offer tools that evolve with the times.

  • Expansive Asset Support:

    In a rapidly evolving cryptocurrency markets, variety is key. Orcabay understands this and supports an extensive range of digital assets and exchanges.

    Whether you’re dealing in established tokens or emerging altcoins, their platform is versatile enough to cater to all needs.

    This vast support for various digital assets and exchanges ensures that client can rely on a single market maker for liquidity provision.

  • Market Acumen:

    One of Orcabay’s standout features is its deep market knowledge. Their team consists of experts who live and breathe crypto.

    This expertise translates into unparalleled insights that give their clients an edge. Whether it’s using proprietary technology, understanding potential market conditions and shifts, or recognizing emerging opportunities, Orcabay is always one step ahead.


  • Funds dependence:

    As the company offers Market making as a service, the funds for their business come from outside clients, which means that the company uses external funds rather than own funds for its market making activities.

  • Profit sharing:

    As the company uses external funds because of the service aspect, the profits made from the service provided are shared with the clients. However this  could also be interpreted as a pro for a (potential) client who benefits from doing business with Orcabay.


  • Premium Liquidity Solutions:

    Liquidity is the lifeblood of any trading platform, and Orcabay excels in this domain.

    They offer premium solutions that ensure seamless trades, reducing waiting times and enhancing user experience.

    Their mechanisms work round the clock to always provide liquidity to optimal liquidity flow traders, no matter the scale of the trade.

  • State-of-the-art Trading Tools:

    The trading landscape is complex and ever-evolving.

    To navigate it effectively, traders need tools that are sophisticated yet user-friendly.

    Orcabay delivers on this front, offering a suite of tools designed to optimize trading strategies, manage risks, and maximize returns.

  • In-depth Market Analytics:

    Data drives decisions in the world of trading.

    Orcabay’s analytics are a treasure trove for anyone keen on understanding the market better.

    Their data is sourced from reliable channels, processed using advanced algorithms, and presented in formats that are easy to digest.

    Whether you’re a novice trying to understand market dynamics or a seasoned trader looking for advanced insights, their analytics cater to all.

  • Unwavering Commitment to Excellence:

    What truly sets Orcabay apart is their commitment. They’re not content with just being a service provider.

    Instead, they see themselves as partners in their clients’ trading journey.

    This philosophy pushes them to constantly innovate, challenge the status quo, and redefine what a global crypto liquidity provider really can offer.

Crypto market makers


  • Innovative Feeless Structure:

    One of the standout attributes of Empirica is its revolutionary feeless and liquidity management and liquidity provision.

    In an industry where micro-fees can add up and erode profits, this unique approach ensures traders retain maximum value from their transactions.

  • Robust Analytics Framework:

    Data is the new gold in the world of crypto, trading and technology company Empirica’s analytics system is akin to a modern-day goldmine.

    They offer a comprehensive suite of data tools that provide traders with valuable insights into market trends, asset performance, and potential investment opportunities.



  • Limitations in Scope:

    While Empirica’s offerings are impressive, they may have their limitations.

    Their focus, although sharp, might not encompass the vast expanse of larger projects that require multi-faceted liquidity solutions.


  • The Pioneering Liquidity Engine:

    At the heart of Empirica’s offerings lies the Liquidity Engine. This isn’t just another tool; it’s a game-changer. By enhancing the reputation of tokens, it directly impacts their market perception. This positive image boost is pivotal in attracting more institutional traders and investors to a token.

  • Impact on Volumes:

    The true testament to the efficacy of Empirica’s Liquidity Engine is its tangible results.

    Tokens that leverage this solution witness a surge in trading volumes — typically a whopping 30-50% in the short term.

    This uptick is not just a testament to the tool’s effectiveness but also a boon for traders seeking to capitalize on increased market activity.

    In wrapping up, Empirica, with its avant-garde solutions and holistic approach, promises a trading experience that’s efficient and informed.


  • Unmatched Pedigree with DRW:

    Cumberland isn’t just another name in the vast sea of top crypto market makers though; it’s a beacon. Part of its luminosity top crypto market makers comes from its association with DRW, a global powerhouse known for its unparalleled financial proficiency deep crypto market expertise.

  • Mastering the Major Players:

    The crypto realm is vast, and while many tokens emerge, only a few stand the test of time and market volatility.
    Cumberland has strategically positioned itself as a specialist in these major cryptocurrencies. Their focus on established digital assets ensures that traders and institutional investors are dealing with tokens that have proven market credibility and stability.


  • Potential Overlooking of the Underdogs:

    Every major cryptocurrency was once an emerging token. By heavily leaning into established names, Cumberland might be missing out on the potential goldmines that are the lesser-known tokens.

    For traders and investors who seek to diversify their portfolios with these emerging tokens, Cumberland’s offerings might seem somewhat narrow.


  • A Haven for Large Institutions:

    Cumberland’s offerings are meticulously crafted to cater to the big players in the financial realm.

    Recognizing the unique needs and challenges that large, traditional financial institutions may face in digital asset trading and risk management, their solutions are tailored to ensure seamless, efficient, and secure crypto trading platforms and experiences for these entities.

  • Dominance in Major Digital Assets:

    Staying true to its proclivity for major cryptocurrencies, Cumberland’s suite of services is primarily centered around these tokens.

    This approach ensures that institutions and traders are not just trading in volume but are also trading assets that have a significant market footprint and resilience.

    In essence, Cumberland represents a fusion of rich legacy and strategic focus. While its primary attention to major cryptocurrencies means it offers unparalleled expertise in these areas, those looking for a broader spectrum of tokens might have to look elsewhere.

top crypto market making firms


  • Human Oversight:

    Acheron Trading emphasizes a human touch in its trading strategies, potentially offering a more personalized approach to market making. This might add a layer of meticulousness, which is nice to have, yet they have to adapt super fast to cope with the turbulent crypto environment, meaning it is challenging to serve all clients equally good all the time.

  • Standard Feature Set:

    Acheron provides a suite of features including real-time analytics and customizable views. These tools are beneficial for traders seeking basic market insights. This is a nice addition for every trader that wants to observe more metrics and analytics.


  • Geographical Restrictions:

    Acheron’s services are not universally accessible, which could hinder potential clients in certain regions from leveraging their market-making capabilities. This limitation might affect the diversity and global reach of their client base.

  • Complex User Experience:

    The platform’s sophistication, while indicative of a robust system, might pose a steep learning curve for new users or those accustomed to more user-friendly interfaces, potentially narrowing its appeal.


  • Risk Management Strategies:

    Acheron offers strategies aimed at managing market risks, a crucial service for any trading entity. However, the depth and innovation behind these strategies aren’t clearly articulated, leaving potential clients wondering how they compare to more established market makers.

  • Exchange Advisory Services:

    While providing advisory services and node operations, the impact of these services on a client’s trading efficiency and market position isn’t profoundly detailed, which might lead clients to seek more transparent and impactful offerings elsewhere.


  • Breadth of Services:

    Altonomy doesn’t confine itself to just one niche of the cryptocurrency ecosystem. It has adroitly spread its wings across multiple domains, offering a bouquet of advisory services, ranging from market-making to astute investment strategies.

    Such diversification means clients can find a solution tailored to various financial needs under one umbrella, ensuring consistency and convenience.

  • Global Collaborations and Partnerships:

    In today’s interconnected financial landscape, the real strength of a company often lies in its global affiliations.

    Altonomy boasts of collaborations with partners scattered across different geographies.

    These partnerships not only amplify its reach but also infuse Altonomy with a myriad of perspectives, best practices, and strategies culled from the global arena.


  • Potential Turbulence Post-Acquisition:

    Corporate acquisitions, while often strategic, can come with their set of challenges.

    Altonomy’s recent acquisition by brings with it the potential of shifts in priorities, strategies, and operational nuances.

    Existing clients and potential new ones might be wary of how this acquisition might influence Altonomy’s focus, especially concerning its liquidity services.


  • More than Just Liquidity:

    While liquidity provision remains one of its core competencies, Altonomy has extended its portfolio to encompass other pivotal domains.

    It plays a significant role in the arena of venture investments, positioning itself as a visionary that can identify and nurture nascent yet promising projects.

    Furthermore, its involvement in a proprietary trading firm showcases its confidence in its strategies, as it’s willing to deploy its capital in the market.

  • Capitalizing on Opportunities:

    Altonomy’s extensive foray into venture investments and proprietary trading underscores its ambition to not just respond to the market but to shape it.

    By identifying and investing in crypto projects with high potential and engaging in proprietary trading, Altonomy is at the forefront of capitalizing on lucrative opportunities in the ever-evolving crypto landscape.

    In summation, Altonomy emerges as a multifaceted powerhouse, adeptly weaving various services into its fabric.

    While the effects of its acquisition by remain to be seen in full, its foundational strengths in diverse offerings and global collaborations make it a formidable player in the crypto domain.


  • Algorithmic Order Matching:

    Bluesky Capital employs algorithmic trading for order execution, aiming for efficiency. While this is a standard practice in the industry, it’s an essential service for maintaining market fluidity. The matching has some distinct innovative features, yet there are also market makers with extremely advanced technological solutions that may provide quite much more of such distinctive features.

  • Partnership Approach:

    Acting as a strategic partner, Bluesky potentially offers a more collaborative approach to market making. This kind of approach is suitable for bigger clients seeking cooperational environment in the crypto world.


  • Opaque Operational Details:

    There’s a noticeable lack of detailed public information about Bluesky’s specific strategies and technological infrastructure. This lack of transparency might lead potential clients to question the effectiveness and modernity of their solutions.

  • Standardized Liquidity Solutions:

    While providing liquidity is a core function of any market maker, Bluesky’s offerings don’t seem to extend beyond the basic services typically found in the industry, potentially making it harder for them to stand out in a competitive market.


  • Token Project Liquidity:

    Bluesky aims to enhance liquidity for token projects, a necessary service for emerging tokens. However, the specifics of how they achieve this, especially in highly volatile or less liquid markets, aren’t emphasized, which might leave clients looking for more innovative and proven solutions.


  • Customized Exchange Solutions:

    They offer tailored solutions for crypto exchanges, but the extent and impact of this customization, as well as how it compares to industry-leading practices, aren’t clearly highlighted.


  • Transparent Operations:

    Being a publicly-traded entity brings along a unique set of responsibilities, primarily revolving around transparency.

    Virtu Financial Inc. is under the constant scrutiny of regulators, individual and institutional investors, shareholders, and the general public. This ensures a high level of openness in their operations, instilling a heightened level of trust among clients and stakeholders.

  • Legacy in Traditional Finance:

    Virtu Financial Inc. is not a new entrant in the financial world. They have built and nurtured a robust legacy in the traditional finance sector.

    This legacy translates into a wealth of experience, established networks, and a deep understanding of market dynamics. Clients leveraging Virtu’s services can be assured that they’re backed by decades of expertise and financial acumen.


  • Emerging Crypto Expertise:

    Transitioning from traditional finance to the crypto realm can be likened to sailing in uncharted waters.

    Even though Virtu Financial Inc. has a formidable reputation in the former, their crypto services might still be in their nascent stages.

    As a result, there’s potential that their crypto offerings might not be as polished, comprehensive, or innovative as those provided by entities specializing exclusively in cryptocurrencies.


  • Leveraging Traditional Prowess in the Crypto Arena:

    Virtu Financial Inc. isn’t merely replicating its traditional finance strategies in the crypto world.

    They’re adapting and evolving, ensuring that their offerings resonate with the dynamic nature of cryptocurrencies. Their market-making services cater to major exchanges and currencies, ensuring liquidity and stability.

    But what sets them apart is their ability to intertwine this service with insights culled from their long-standing experience in traditional finance. They have an established infrastructure that spans across leading exchanges, allowing them to provide services that are both expansive and efficient.


  • Continuous Innovation:

    Jump Trading commits to developing new solutions, an approach that’s crucial in the ever-evolving crypto market. As innovation is one of the drivers of blockchain and crypto this is a welcomed addition, although the extent of usefulness varies from innovation to innovation.

  • Diverse Liquidity Provision:

    Offering a range of liquidity solutions is always good as it is less hard to cooperate with more clients with distinctive needs. 


  • Potential Overwhelm for New Entrants:

    The advanced nature of Jump Trading’s services might deter newer market participants who are looking for more straightforward or guided trading experiences, potentially limiting their client base to more experienced traders.

  • Unspecified Market Impact:

    While they provide comprehensive liquidity solutions, the lack of detailed information on how they manage and mitigate market impact, particularly in less liquid or more volatile markets, might concern traders looking for stable and predictable market-making partners.


  • Spot and Derivatives Market Liquidity:

    Jump Trading provides essential liquidity services, but how they excel or innovate in these highly competitive sectors isn’t distinctly articulated, which might lead clients to question the added value they provide over other market makers.

  • Advanced Trading Infrastructure:

    They utilize sophisticated algorithms and routing systems, yet the specifics of how these tools outperform or offer unique advantages over other market-leading technologies aren’t clearly communicated.


  • Decade-long Commitment to Crypto:

    Since its inception in 2013, GSR has positioned itself at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution. This longevity in a highly volatile market not only attests to their adaptability but also to their vision and commitment.

    Their experience gives them unparalleled insights into the evolution of the crypto markets and allows them to anticipate trends with a seasoned perspective.

  • Bespoke Solutions for a Dynamic Market:

    Recognizing that the crypto market is not one-size-fits-all, GSR prides itself on crafting customizable solutions that cater to individual trader needs.

    Their adaptability and client-focused approach have enabled them to build solutions that resonate with a variety of trading goals and strategies.


  • The Double-Edged Sword of Customization:

    While tailored offerings are GSR’s strength, they can sometimes be its limitation.

    The very nature of a customizable solution means that it’s crafted with specific objectives in mind.

    As a result, these bespoke solutions might not resonate with the broader spectrum of traders, especially those who are looking for more generalized or standardized trading solutions.


  • A Deep Dive into Algorithmic Trading:

    GSR is not just another player in the crypto space; it has carved a niche for itself by specializing in algorithmic trading firm digital asset and proprietary trading technology.

    Their algorithms are meticulously crafted, drawing on their extensive experience, to offer both efficiency and competitive edge in trading.

  • Comprehensive Financial Solutions:

    GSR’s offerings extend beyond just algorithmic trading strategies. They have ventured into realms like Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading, allowing large volume trades with minimal slippage.

    Furthermore, recognizing the varied financial needs of traders, GSR also extends tailored financial solutions, be it in the form of unique proprietary trading, strategies, financial instruments, or investment plans.


  • Mastery in the Algorithmic Domain:

    Wintermute isn’t just a participant in the algorithmic quantitative trading firm’ arena; it’s a master. Harnessing the power of advanced mathematical models, the team at Wintermute has dedicated their efforts to refining and optimizing their algorithmic trading firm and trading algorithms.

    This dedication to perfection ensures that they remain at the pinnacle of crypto market making firms because of efficient and effective trading and market making strategies.

  • Unwavering Transparency:

    In a domain riddled with skepticism and opacity, Wintermute’s staunch commitment to transparent operations is like a breath of fresh air.

    Every move, every decision, and every strategy is communicated clearly and openly, ensuring that clients and partners are never in the dark.

    This approach not only builds trust but also ensures that all stakeholders are aligned in their goals and expectations.


  • The Complexity of Innovation:

    Innovation in crypto projects often comes with its set of challenges. Wintermute’s high-tech solutions, while being cutting-edge, can sometimes be perceived as complex, especially to those new to the crypto trading realm or those less tech-savvy.

    The rich feature set and sophisticated algorithms might be intimidating for some users who are looking for a more straightforward experience.


  • Pan-Platform Algorithmic Trading:

    Wintermute’s offerings span the spectrum of trading platforms.

    Whether it’s the centralized behemoths that dominate the trading volume or the emerging decentralized exchanges that promise a more democratized trading experience, Wintermute is present everywhere.

    Their expertise in providing liquidity ensures that assets are easily tradable, and prices remain stable across platforms.

  • Holistic Liquidity Solutions:

    Beyond just sophisticated electronic trading platforms, Wintermute is deeply involved in ensuring that global markets remain liquid.

Top crypto market makers

Who Is the Crypto Market Maker?

A crypto market maker is an entity that acts as a counterparty for anyone wishing to buy or sell digital assets on a cryptocurrency exchange. This role is fulfilled by providing liquidity to the order book through continuous buying and selling of digital assets at any time.

Without a market maker, there can be poor trade execution, increased price volatility, and potentially unfair prices for traders.

Market makers ensure a tight spread, sufficient order book depth, 99% uptime, effective asset inventory management and market neutral strategies. This, in turn, allows token projects to grow, attracts new investors, and enables the trading of large volumes at fair prices.

How Does Crypto Market Making Work?

There is no universal way to provide liquidity on trading platforms.

A company can select a digital assets market maker who provides liquidity by continuously posting buy and sell orders in the order book, which helps to stabilize the market and make it more attractive to other traders. Top crypto liquidity providers are essential for every crypto exchange.

With a non-custodial solution, digital asset owners keep their funds safe by giving market maker only trading permissions to their exchange account.

Crypto Market Maker Companies and Their Role

Market makers are individuals or organisations that engage in high-frequency trading and provide liquidity to markets.

A market maker submits limit orders at both the best bid and best ask prices simultaneously to provide liquidity for willing buyers and sellers. The service offers price quotations and narrows price disparities across multiple exchanges.

The biggest crypto market makers act as counterparties, ensuring order fulfillment. They also make sure that the digital asset market making operations run smoothly, so people can buy or sell anytime with minimal price volatility.

Qualifications of a Good Crypto Liquidity Provider

  1. Reputation and Track Record: Trustworthiness and proven reliability in the industry are paramount. This can be gauged through reviews, testimonials, and historical data.
  2. Willingness to help: Companies doing business often come to a point where adaptation or innovation are needed for cooperation, where willingness to solve the problem is crucial.
  3. Regulatory Compliance: Ensure they adhere to the industry’s relevant regulations, showcasing transparency and integrity.
  4. Asset Coverage: They should offer a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, both major tokens and emerging altcoins.
  5. Advanced Technological Infrastructure: The use of state-of-the-art algorithms and trading tools is crucial for efficient market making.
  6. Transparent Fee Structure: A clear understanding of costs associated with trading ensures no hidden surprises.
  7. Dedication to quality: Providing exceptional service is of paramount importance for a great base to build on, regardless the size of the deal. 
  8. Deep liquidity: Providing liquidity service for a wide range of crypto assets makes it easier to cooperate on more companies and on multi-level projects. 
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How to Recognize Top Crypto Market Makers?

Our customers often give us feedback on why they still choose to work with us, as well as what are those most significant benefits they get from working with us, and they also tell us what evaluation criteria they use. Most frequently they evaluate their crypto market maker options on expertise, experience, range of cryptocurrencies and exchanges we use and customer support with market making. Undeniably important is also willingness to help and solve problems, where also prompt actions and responses are required. We suggest you to look (at least) for the following treats in a crypto market maker when making an informed decision:

    • Experience
    • Willingness to help
    • Good adaptability to markets through research & development
    • Accessibility and approachability
    • A company that instills trust and you can rely on
    • Dedication to quality
    • Cost transparency

How Does the Market Benefit from Crypto Market Makers in Our Experience?

As a market maker Orcabay offers significant advantages to cryptocurrency exchanges and individual token projects, particularly those that have recently completed the listing process. By facilitating easy buying and selling 24/7, we enhance long-term success in several ways.

Crypto exchanges depend on market makers to maintain tight spreads and ensure sufficient depth in their order books. This improvement in liquidity leads to greater price stability and increased trust among users, which, in turn, attracts organic trading volume. Additionally, crypto market makers employ cross-exchange arbitrage strategies to mitigate price differences across exchanges, thus ensuring a fair price for users.

For token projects, liquidity is as crucial as it is for exchanges. It’s essential for investors to have confidence that they can buy or sell tokens at any time. If they fear they won’t find a counterparty for trading, they may lose trust in holding the token. Market makers therefore enhance long-term success of the token projects, resulting in an organic growth of the community and efficient price discovery. The extensive experience of the market makers allows them to provide valuable insights into tokenomics and liquidity strategies, which are especially beneficial for emerging projects.


Jakob Brezigar

Jakob, an experienced specialist in the field of cryptocurrency market making, boasts an extensive international presence. With Orcabay, he has skillfully managed major operations and deals for a wide array of global stakeholders.​

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